Evidence has shown that hands-on training, mentored by an expert in delivering laparoscopic surgery, will vastly improve surgical performance, with no compromise to patient safety.

Our dedicated team will examine your experience of carrying out laparoscopic surgery and will design a tailored programme of accelerated training, accompanied by formative assessment and outcome analysis.

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Our award winning Train the Trainer programme (Lapco TT) elevates and standardises the training skills of existing experts in laparoscopic surgery. Evidence has shown that the Train the Trainer course substantially improves the efficiency and effectiveness of surgical training.

Typically, our course design is as follows:

  • 2 days interactive course
  • Day 1 in the class  room
  • Day 2 in the class room
  • 6 Delegates
  • 3 - 4 Faculty
  • 1 Course convenor
  • Local administrator

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Lapco recognises the benefits of constructive partnerships with industry throughout the world. We are committed to the concept of connecting patients, healthcare professionals, industry and other key stakeholders in the implementation of new laparoscopic procedures and improving surgical training.

The areas where Lapco Consultancy can help industry partners are:

  • Advice on how to train in laparoscopic surgery across healthcare systems in any part of the world
  • Maximising the effects of financial investment in laparoscopic surgery
  • Training and education for company representatives in laparoscopic surgery
  • Advice on how to influence stakeholders, such as politicians, concerning laparoscopic surgical training
  • Provide health economic business cases to support laparoscopic surgery
  • Faculty training
  • Advice on the organization of meetings for education in laparoscopic surgery
  • Access to published evidence to support laparoscopic surgery

Lapco has a global network of contacts in surgery and in healthcare companies.

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The Lapco 'Train the Trainer' course was authentic and inspiring, the content was highly valuable and has had a transformative impact on the delivery of training in laparoscopic hysterectomy surgery in Australia.

Monika Janda and Andreas Obermair - Brisbane, Australia